How I use Menu Banks on D850

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How I use Menu Banks on D850

I have been searching and reading how others use "Menu Banks" (or don't) and decided to share my way.

I have even read about some users saving the settings to the card and having to retrieve them every time they need them; the way I set mine they are always in the camera. Just save them every now and then when making changes. After a while when things work the way I like (in my case lots of tries as I am new to Nikon and almost everything was new), not many changes at all-if any.

YES: is true, if you make any "MAIN change" (like switching from Manual to Aperture) while in one of the "modes" and forget to change it back, it will stay like that (yes=volatile and non-sticking)

But I believe that is the whole point of setting "modes" (at least for me), to get settled and make the basic adjustments ONCE (and save them) to re-use them. Like I will explain below the settings I have to keep an eye on are: aperture and shutter speed (sometimes ISO, but I use Auto-ISO almost all the time, with exceptions)

Here it goes:

After some trial and error I figure out a way for me to set the 4 different "modes" A, B, C, D to act "almost" like the Nikon U1, U2 (or in my case ex-Canon: C1, C2).

This is how I got it to work for me:

FIRST THING I DO: Turn ON "Custom Setting bank" in the "Photo Shooting Menu" (contrary to what many say)

Then rename the "Photo shooting menu banks", in my case: A=MANUAL, B=BIRDS, C=BIF, D=MACROS

Now rename the "Custom Setting banks", in my case: A=MANUAL CUSTOM, B=BIRDS CUSTOM, C=BIF CUSTOM, D=MACROS CUSTOM

Then I make all the pertinent changes desired to the 4 modes by:

PRESSING the (i) button and MAKE SURE the "Photo shooting menu bank" and "Custom Setting bank are the same" e.g.: A-A

REPEAT for B-B, C-C and D-D

NOTE: dig in, there is tons of adjustment that could be made to differentiate the 4 modes, as an example in MANUAL (A-A) I have Fn1 as "Viewfinder Virtual Horizon" and in BIRDS (B-B) as "AF-area mode" (this settings are changed in the "Custom control assignment", located conveniently right under "Photo shooting menu bank" and "Custom Setting bank") WHEN YOU PRESS the (i) button.

One of my favorite is been able to have "Auto-ISO=ON" on certain modes, not others. THIS GETS EVEN BETTER: It is possible to adjust different Auto-ISO setting and assign them to the 4 different modes (A-A, B-B, etc.)

This other one could be someone's else favorite: if say B-B=Events (can’t afford to lose photos in case of card failure) the SD card can be set to "Backup", instead of "Overflow" and in other modes vice-versa.

I FOUND OUT: also the shooting Mode gets saved (M,A,S) on different modes. I have Manual on A-A=Manual and Aperture Priority (A) on B-B=Birds (not that I use it like that-trying different things). Great!

I ALSO FOUND OUT: the AF setting (AF-S or AF-C) can be customized, in my case I want the Macros mode (D-D) to be always AF-S (single autofocus) so making sure you are on D-D press the "menu" button and go to "Custom Setting Menu (pencil) and choose a=Autofocus, then a10 "Autofocus mode restrictions" and choose "AF-S". CAUTION: YOU MUST make changes to the other 3 modes (A-A, B-B, C-C) press the "menu" button and go to "Custom Setting Menu (pencil) and choose a=Autofocus, then a10 "Autofocus mode restrictions" and choose "AF-C" OTHERWISE every time you go from D-D to another mode the last setting will prevail.(I use Back Button AF and can control it like that, but like to set it in the modes-because I CAN)

There are very few things that can't be saved differently in the 4 modes, and lots that can.

CAVEAT: I did mention "not perfect" and yes some setting like shutter speed and aperture (even though I set them on each mode different), if you are in that mode and change them, next time they are at the last change made. THEY CANNOT BE LOCKED-SAVED

FOR EXAMPLE: if I have "MANUAL (A-A)" shutter speed at 125 and change it to 60, then move to another mode and come back to "MANUAL (A-A)" it will be at 60 (last change).

Inconvenient but a small price to pay, the advantages are too many in comparison.

The icing in the cake is that all this can be saved by "Save/Load settings" which I added to MY MENU (assigned MY MENU to Fn2)

I will strongly recommend to copy the resulting ".bin" file from the card to a PC/Mac for safekeeping every now and then, (and reload ONLY in case of accidental reset or factory service reset, etc.).

This settings spare me from having to remember to make changes according to the type of photography I am enjoying at the moment, and can concentrate on taking photos by switching from say: B-B to C-C. All one has to do, is remember what A-A, B-B, C-C, D-D stands for. Easy!

I hope is clear enough; if any question or anybody knows of a better way please let me know. I love to learn.

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