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Re: Geotagging question - a little follow-up test

timo wrote:

cplunk wrote:

GPS signals come from satellites, and are very weak. In past personal experiences I've had them blocked by too much foliage (under trees) .

And, the signal basically measures a distance from a satellite and give's you the satellites location. To calculate your position you need a distances from and the locations of multiple satellites that can form a strong triangle (i.e. satellites 60 degrees apart).

The picture looks like your basically in an urban canyon. You'd get signals from a limited number of satellites that were more directly overhead or along the narrow slice of sky you could see along the street, which gives you fewer satellites but also at odd angles, and all basically along that same line, making a weak triangular solution.

Actually most of the time I was in Hanoi, and later doing the test in Singapore, there were some high-rise buildings around, but most of the buildings were low-rise. But I take your point - I might simply be asking too much.

Even 2-3 story building on a narrow enough street can block out the sky enough, depending on how narrow the street.

There is an app (assuming you use android?) called GPS test that can show you which satellites should be visible and which you have signal from (and how strong) (and a calculated accuracy).

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