Upgrading from FZ200: Another FZ300-or-FZ1000 thread

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Re: Upgrading from FZ200: Another FZ300-or-FZ1000 thread

gkreth wrote:

Sactojim wrote:

I suggest a Nikon D3400 and get their newer 70-300 DX-P lens and you will be miles ahead in performance and IQ. You wont have any low light problems and the Nikon 24MP sensor leaves lots of room to crop. All can be had new for sub $600. While I love my FZ200 and a host of big Kodak Pixpro zooms, my D3400 with this 70-300 makes it easy to get solid quality images. I also have a D300S and while that camera has given me thousands of excellent images, the D3400 is small/light/powerful and very versatile.

Thanks for the reply, but I'm already shooting a 24MP Pentax K3 with a 60-250 f/4; I doubt the extra 50mm of the Nikon would make much difference. Plus, the 70-300 DX-P is f/4.5-6.3, so it's a 1/3 stop slower at 70mm, and 1-1/3 stops slower at 300mm, compared to my 60-250mm.

The main thing I am looking for when shooting with two bodies is a WIDER range than 60mm in the second body; hence the reason I'm currently using the FZ200, and why I am trying to decide between the FZ300 and the FZ1000.

I must admit, I have considered just getting a second K3 body and using either:

  1. my Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 (if low f/stop is the most important thing), or
  2. my Sigma 18-250 (if wide angle and overall range becomes the more important thing)

But, I think I would also like to use the new camera for my all-in-one vacation camera, similar to what I have previously used the FZ200 for.

I must confess, I really like the idea of a bridge camera with a 1-inch sensor; it seems like a sweet spot between:

  • the K3+18-250mm (which is bigger, heavier, and lacks a non-articulating LCD), and
  • the FZ300 (which is lighter, has a constant f/2.8, but also has the very small 1/2.5-inch, "only" 12MP sensor)

Decisions, decisions!

I hear you. However, the Nikon P lens has blazing fast focus and outstanding IQ and why I love it. Btw, I had the Sigma 18-250 on a K50 and IQ was just barely OK..sold it off along with the K50 (wish I had kept the camera since water resistant). I suggest you rent the camera of interest for a few days shooting vs buying and if not liking it, returning.

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