Graduation at 6400 ISO

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CX Bob wrote:

I'm 'guessing' that I could take an equally technically good shot at EI 1600 with the V1.
The reason I don't 'know' is because I've never been able to allow for that 1600 speed.
This, of course, is because of the always incredibly mysterious (insert Twilight Zone music here) omission of the "A1600" automatic setting in the V1. I've almost always had the camera on A800, because I don't like the thought of possibly being at 3200 in situations where I might have considered it unnecessary.
Originally I just thought the omission seemed strange, but didn't worry about it too much. More recently, I'm seeing it as a rather blatant 'mistake', since we're dealing with such a significant area of the EI/ISO range for so many people. There definitely seems to be a need for 'critical' N1 users to be able to limit their upper end speed to the last one they personally find 'usable'. And I'll bet there'd be a lot of '1600' people out there if only there could be. Although seeing the shots here, I guess this isn't much of a problem for J5 users! ( :

Bob, why not just shoot in Aperture Priority and set your ISO directly to 1600 in those low-light situations? I know it's not optimal compared to having Auto ISO 1600, but it would keep your shutter speeds higher in such needed situations and likely help sharpness, the same way that the 1/320 shutter speed did so in my first graduation photo!

To your point, here's proof the V1 can deliver at 1600 ISO:

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