Panasonic GX with lower MP?

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Re: Panasonic GX with lower MP?

kravemir wrote:

The FIRST thing you need is faster glass. A f/1.7 f/1.8 prime would allow you to let in more than 2 stops = FOUR TIMES as much light as your 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens. A good walk around prime is the Panasonic 25mm f1.7 or Olympus 25mm f1.8. They can be had for $180-$250 USD used.

I definitely want focal length less than 20mm. Therefore, I'm considering to get one of following lenses:

  • Panasonic Lumix G 14mm F2.5 ASPH,
  • Sigma 16mm F1.4 DC DN (Micro Four Thirds),
  • Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7 II ASPH.

Check out the Panasonic 15mm f1.7.  Excellent lens , fast focusing etc can be found for around $400.  I have heard that complaint with the 20mm as well but I also saw someone on here who said they had no problems with it.

My go to lens for events though is the P12-35mm f2.8. It's not as fast as the primes but its faster than the kit lens , sharp and more flexible than the primes if you don't have the time or space to quickly change positions to get a shot. Got mine for around $550 used. With the wide angles <18mm you have to be careful to try and keep the camera level or not go int too close in order to reduce distortion.

If things are really dark I switch to my 25mm f1.8.

So for example, lets say you're trying to shoot an image with your kit lens at f/3.5-f/4 and the camera chooses ISO 1600 to get a good exposure, which is just about the iso limit before it gets grainy. With a prime lens capable of f/1.7 in the same situation , the extra light coming in allows the camera to shoot at iso 400 which is MUCH cleaner output.

Using a calculator, going from f/3.5 to f/2.5 would allow me to use two times lower ISO, ie 3200 instead of 6400. Or, two times faster shutter speed... I heard, that the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 has quite slow auto-focus.

Yeah , that represents 1 Stop of exposure. (halving or doubling of the amount of light)


Examples you've posted are great. Thanks for lots of info. Definitely made me to reconsider to use flash, and learn how to take shoots with flash.

You're welcome .  It takes a little getting used to and every new shooting environment is a lighting problem to be solved ( I love a venue with low light colored ceilings ), but it'll make a big difference to the usability of your camera.

I started off with a simple FL360L flash and now I have 2 triggers , various small modifiers (stofen, flashdisc etc) , a strobe , 2 flashes, 3 light stands, 2 umbrellas (45" and 60") , 4 softboxes (24" - 47")  and I'm enjoying crafting the light the way I want it.  When I'm going to an event I just pick there gear I might need and head out the door

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