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c h u n k wrote:

Beachcomber Joe wrote:

Here is how to correct the time or date:

  • Determine how much of an adjustment needs to be made.
  • In the Library module, select all the photos that need to be corrected.
  • In the right hand column, scroll down to Metadata and open the panel
  • At the top of the panel select Default for the metadata type to display
  • Scroll to Capture Time and click on the time.
  • Make the appropriate adjustment in the popup window
  • All the selected photos will be adjusted by the same amount

If you are a Canon shooter, Canon's free EOS Utility allows you to sync multiple cameras to your computer's time. We do this when shooting events with multiple cameras.

I dont use Canons software much, but I have it. I manually synced my cameras a couple months ago. Is it normal for them to shift?

Thanks for the help. Ill figure out how to sync in DPP and do it before events in the future. This isnt my first time with this issue, but I just happened to use my 2nd camera more than normal recently.

The Camera's primary purpose is not to be a clock.  It is normal for the internal clock to drift over time.

Canon cameras with Built-in GPS can be set to auto-sync the time to the GPS system.

For the Canon 6DII, put the GPS in "mode 2". This enables the GPS when the camera is on, but turns it off when the camera is off. Enable "auto time setting" and the camera's internal clock will resynchronize with the GPS system (which provides an extremely accurate time signal).

When synced to GPS, your camera's internal clock should not drift over time.

All you have to do is to remember to turn daylight saving time on/off and set the time zone when you travel.

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