Upgrading from FZ200: Another FZ300-or-FZ1000 thread

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Sactojim Veteran Member • Posts: 6,923
Re: Upgrading from FZ200: Another FZ300-or-FZ1000 thread

I suggest a Nikon D3400 and get their newer 70-300 DX-P lens and you will be miles ahead in performance and IQ. You wont have any low light problems and the Nikon 24MP sensor leaves lots of room to crop. All can be had new for sub $600. While I love my FZ200 and a host of big Kodak Pixpro zooms, my D3400 with this 70-300 makes it easy to get solid quality images. I also have a D300S and while that camera has given me thousands of excellent images, the D3400 is small/light/powerful and very versatile.

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