Graduation at 6400 ISO

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Re: Graduation at 6400 ISO

holgerlinke wrote:

KneeConWon wrote:

Photo #1

I'd go with #1, because of:

a) better separation into the direction he is walking to, and

I had the same thought!

b) the people in the background are more homogenous (almost all are looking with anticipation into the direction he is coming from (on #2 the audience apparently has lost interest and look distracted - this distraction transports itself to the viewer)

Damn if that isn't some outstanding analysis. You're absolutely right, and it makes a huge difference. I had been thinking Photo #1 had that je-ne-sais-quoi factor, and I think you put your finger right on it. What you highlighted is something I'll remember when looking at photos in the future. Thanks for sharing the wisdom!

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