What is your preferred aspect ratio?

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What is your preferred aspect ratio?

Over the history of photography cameras have used a wide variety of different aspect ratios 1:1 (Hasselblad and others), 5:4 (large format mainly), 4:3 (most compact digital cameras), 3:2 (35mm film and DSLRs), right through to specialised panoramic cameras with ratios of 2:1, 3:1 or wider.

Clearly, it is easy to crop digital images to any ratio you like, but, despite that, many photographers have quite strong opinions on the aspect ratio of the sensor to maximise pixel size.  Indeed, a few cameras offer 'multi-aspect-ratio' sensors that cater for two (or possibly more) different ratios that use the full image circle.

If your favourite camera was offered with the following choice of aspect ratios, but everything else (including the price) remained the same, which aspect ratio would you choose?  Assume that when you buy the camera you have to choose just one aspect ratio.

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