Compression is Real

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kiwi2 wrote:

Pixel Pooper wrote:

JackM wrote:

Sure, semantically, one lens "has" no more compression than any another. But a longer focal length will force you to position yourself further away from your subject, and you will get more compression.

My lenses don't force me to do anything. A longer focal length gives me a narrower field of view, that's all.

Choosing a focal length and deciding where to stand are two separate decisions, and only one of them affects compression.

If I take off my glasses when I put on a hat, can I blame the hat for my vision going blurry?

If You want to maintain the same subject size in the frame, then different focal lengths will require a change in distance.

Yes, and it is that change in distance that affects the "compression". You can't change compression without changing distance, but you can change it without changing focal length.

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