Graduation at 6400 ISO

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Re: Graduation at 6400 ISO

edform wrote:

KneeConWon wrote:

I can only choose one photo for work.

Which one's better - #1 or #2? And why? (if you care to explain)

C&C are welcome.

Photo 2 doesn't seem to have less detail, but it has distinctly lighter grain.

Good observation! I actually hadn't noticed that. The harsher grain in photo 1 is likely due to my underexposing it (to get the fast shutter speed) and then increasing the exposure in editing. Whereas photo #2 was properly exposed from the start.

At the relatively small size it will be printed, I don't think the grain will be the deciding factor though.

There is also something heart-warming about the smile on the girl's face.

Thanks for your input! Something keeps drawing me to photo #1 though. I like the subtlety of his smile, and I feel like the focus goes right to him. Whereas, in photo #2, I feel like the viewer doesn't know where to look - the background seems more distracting with the additional faces. I'm pretty torn though!

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