Compression is Real

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Re: Compression is Real

JackM wrote:

Brian_Flex wrote:

Spot on. Here's a similar test we did, but only the focal length changed. These are just screen grabs.

Actually, if you cropped the wide-angle image to achieve the same framing as the subsequent images, you'd see that the elements in the background of the cropped wide-angle image would be the same size as in the subsequent images.

And this is where the anti-compression camp does a little dance and thinks they're right. The problem is, a tiny crop is not comparable to a full resolution image. Only idiots using the "zoom" on their smartphones think so.

Sure, semantically, one lens "has" no more compression than any another. But a longer focal length will force you to position yourself further away from your subject, and you will get more compression.

You are aware that a rudimentary search of this forum would have saved you from showing you are Captain Obvious?

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