Compression is Real

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Re: With respect to perspective, yes.

JackM wrote:

Mike CH wrote:

JackM wrote:

Do you think an image taken at 100mm and another taken at 400mm, from the same position, are comparable images?

Comparable with respect to perspective and "compression" - absolutely. With respect to that attribute, they are close to identical in the parts that are common to both images. Resolution and DoF will differ of course.

Given, of course, that you are shooting in the exact same direction.

But they're not comparable images. Unless you think a landscape can be compared with a portrait.

The subject of a landscape is generally larger and greener than the subject of a portrait. There! I just compared a landscape to a portrait! Don't tell me that they are not susceptible to being compared.

When we take a picture, we have a certain goal, a certain framing in mind.

Often, yes. Usually that framing differs dramatically between portraits and landscapes.

Using a longer focal length will force you into a position to get more compression in that frame.

I try to avoid having my equipment force me into anything. Instead I prefer to select equipment that is capable of producing the results I want. When taking both portraits  and landscapes I tend to choose perspective and framing and then select the focal length that will produce the desired framing from the chosen perspective.

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