Compression is Real

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Compression is real, so what?

Any questions?


What exactly were you trying to prove or disprove?

Can you give us a specific quote you think you were reinforcing or contradicting?

I have a hard time imagining that reasonable people were denying that compression is real.

I can easily see how misinformed people might think compression was a result of focal length instead of subject distance. Your set of photos doesn't prove anything regarding such a question. Your photos, which show a change in perspective or compression, varied in both focal length and shooting distance. So we cannot tell from your photos whether it was the difference in focal length or the difference in shooting distance that caused the observable difference in perspective/compression.

If you want to provide proof, you need to makes sets of photos with only one of the two factors varying. First try a set of photos all using the same subject distance but with different focal lengths. Then try a set of photos all with the same focal length but taken from different distances. Which set has a constant compression and which set shows varying compression? (A: the one with varying subject distance will have varying compression. Both sets will have varying framing.)

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