Compression is Real

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What were you trying to say?

JackM wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

So, for sure, we can say that *for a given framing*, "compression" is a function of the focal length *for a given format*.

There it is. It should go without saying when comparing different approaches to taking a particular kind of picture - a portrait, a group shot, a landscape, etc - that the framing of your subject should remain the same.

And that implies that you have to move your feet, which then changes the perspective.

You can stay in the same place and change lenses the whole day and the perspective wont ever change even the littlest, tiniest bit.

The anti-compression camp is only right when you stay the same distance from your subject, and change the focal length. Anyone who thinks it's reasonable to compare a wide landscape with a tight portrait is no longer talking about photography. Anyone who thinks it's reasonable to compare a full resolution image with a tiny crop is no longer talking about photography.

And anybody who argues geometry and it's consequences - an important part of photography - goes right over your head. So, there. We can insult each other the whole day long, too, if you want...

However, the problem with saying that "compression" is due to focal length

Which I didn't say.

Then what did you say?

Maybe you should try and explain that, again, without being snippish as on your first try.

Nobody - that are clear in their head at least - deny that an effect which you can call "compression" exists. The argument is about what causes it. Hint: It has to do with the position, and not with the lens.

Regards, Mike

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Wait and see...
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