Compression is Real

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dsjtecserv wrote: You are simply giving priority to framing, and accepting whatever perspective results. If that happens to give you "compression" that you like, then you are happy on both counts -- but for different reasons!


That's what it's all about really.
People are simply observing the perspective that was a consequence of their framing and falsely believing they dictated it with their choice of focal length.
They do end up with a photo with emphasis on the compression but not for the reasons they think.
The same with for example, a telephoto shot of a city skyline with no subject in between. You can take a photo from where you are stood and understand and anticipate that there will be compression but it will be a result of the lens tightly cropping whatever compression is inherent to your distance from the subject. If you want to actively increase or reduce the compression you will have to get moving. If you want to increase or reduce the effect but keep the framing the same you have to alter focal length as a secondary factor and not primary.

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