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Mike CH wrote:

Brian_Flex wrote:

Incorrect. The focal length changes perspective.

As you can easily see in the illustration you provided, the view point was changed between the two shots. The black dot is much closer to the foreground cowboy in the left example. This, and not the focal length, changes the perspective.


And the explanation in first paragraph of the illustration is wrong. A wideangle lens and a tele cannot have the same field of view.

Regards, Mike

Firstly, the documentation is correct. Secondly, I responded to the poster who wrote:

"Changing the focal length of a lens doesn't affect the perspective of the picture. But, subject distance does."

The point of having different focal lengths is to change perspective, otherwise we'd shoot an entire movie on a 25mm lens, and I'd be out of a job.

In response to your statement, "a wide-angle lens and a tele cannot have the same field of view". You are correct, they don't have the same FOV, but it clearly illustrates keeping the subject the same size.

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