Hello - I just bought GX85 its possible connect the camera to Pc with WIFI and not USB cable?

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Re: Yes, and it's very useful.

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Only for the desperate who enjoy geeky challenges.

For all others, don’t bother, it’s not worth the hassle. There’s more to life than stuffing mushrooms.

great answer a good memory card reader is the way to go . Stuffed mushrooms are great if someone else is doing the stuffing , any way got to go I have a bunch of grapes to peel

True, but a card reader is not tethering. I can't imagine a seminar or a studio session with an art director without some sort of tethered capture. Wifi is nice in that it eliminates the wires - your insurance agent thanks you. A distracted AD tripping and crashing a computer or a camera is a surefire way to lose a client. A seminar where you take a shot and walk over to the computer to load the image so the class can see it, would be greeted with snores I fear. Not stuffing mushrooms but practical working solutions.

Yeah, I used wifi tethering just a few weeks ago for onsite printing of guest portraits at an awards dinner. Worked perfectly. On location, especially with hundreds of folks milling about with drinks in hand, cordless everything is a great comfort.

Nothing beats streaming live hdmi out to a large monitor.


Actually, for purposes of printing onsite, sending small JPEGs to Lightroom definitely beats streaming live HDMI.

I dont print on site. Pre paid envelopes work for me . no time to print and mount images while i shoot 500 orders in a day. The clients love the big screen and order the images as they are taken. Single person operation means more profit. Dance schools have very strict time slots between rehesals and costume changes.


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