Compression is Real

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confused circle wrote:

ajs jones wrote:

Compression is simply caused by moving the camera away ...

Distance is often determined by other factors, so distance is not the base cause for the perspective in a photo, it is what restricts your distance options that does it.

You have this the wrong way round. Perspective is the way the relative sizes of things depends on their distance from a viewpoint, and only on that. For any given viewpoint perspective is always the same and depends only on that viewpoint.

A photographer may want to frame his picture in a particular way and therefore choose a particular viewpoint. But the perspective from that viewpoint is determined entirely by the viewpoint itself. It is predetermined by the spatial relationship between the viewpoint and the scene.

To put it another way: in a location there is an infinite number of perspectives; each of those is determined by viewpoint; a photographer can choose one of those viewpoints and that is his choice; but once the choice is made perspective depends on the viewpoint.

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