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confused circle wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

confused circle wrote:

Distance is often determined by other factors, so distance is not the base cause for the perspective in a photo ...

Yes it is.

No, it isn't. A photograph is the end result of many decisions. It is usually the case that the distance is determined by another factor. Which means the perspective is then determined by that factor as well. You wish to speak as if distance can be selected at will, thereby creating whatever perspective one wishes in the photo. That is fantasy for most photos taken.

Perspective is a function of the camera-subject distance(s).  As far as physics and optics are concerned, it doesn't matter whether you have full freedom to pick those distances.  A camera will not deliver the same perspective at 12 inches as at 1200 feet just because its user wants to pretend that changing focal lengths changes perspective.

Self preservation determined the distance. Self preservation then constrained the perspective. It is wholly useless to ignore the fact that distance is not something one can choose at will at all times.

The definition of perspective does not say that you can always choose any distance.  But by the same token, you don't get to redefine what affects perspective, just because some distances (and therefore some perspectives) might have been unavailable to you.

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