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ajs jones wrote:

Compression is simply caused by moving the camera away (=changing the perspective) - you simply choose to use a longer lens to record it If you like the effect, you first choose a perspective (camera position) that alters the apparent relationship of the sizes of the objects in the scene to achieve the effect and THEN you choose a long lens. If you use a shorter lens but a smaller sensor you will record exactly the same "compression" from the same place - same compression from a different lens, so it can;t be caused by the lens

Distance is often determined by other factors, so distance is not the base cause for the perspective in a photo ...

Yes it is.

it is what restricts your distance options that does it.

No it isn't.

What you're doing is misusing the term perspective. If you maintain the same physical relationship between the camera and subject and just change lenses, you are not changing perspective at all. Perspective remains the same. Every one of these images depicts the same perspective because the relationship between the camera and subject remains the same:

The magnification changes, and the framing changes, but the perspective doesn't change.

The practical concern is where you physically can position the camera. In many cases, it is the lens forcing that. Other times it is the physical world of walls, streets, fences, etc. I really have right around zero luxury of choice when shooting something like candid 'street.' I can choose a lens, but I can't generally do much about my distance. If I can change distance, it's maybe just enough to get the framing for the lens I have on. So my distance is set by the lens and the time I have to frame and take a shot before the moment passes. Which is often next to none at all. I will, if able, step forward or back depending on what the lens makes me do, because I'm moving my feet before I'm digging for another lens (if I even have one). Which means the lens and the existence of a scene I want to capture is dictating my distance/compression, because I don't have time to let anything else influence the choice of distance.

The two of you might find some common ground on the meaning of the word compression, but you can't get there by attempting to change the meaning of the word perspective.

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