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Zero Compression: 100% Perspective

JackM wrote:






Any questions?

As smaller (foreground) subjects recede farther away than relatively much larger (background) subjects ...

the larger background subjects start to return to a more correct scale as the smaller foreground subjects


the smaller foreground subjects start to diminish to a more correct scale as the larger background subjects

this is why the moon at the horizon only looks large next to much smaller tiny real city skyline buildings farther away, than the moon held next to thumbsized toy cityscape snowglobe held up close to ones eyes

the moon doesn't change size, but only the perspective of small subjects seen up close or large subjects seen farther away

if one took a pic of your baseball team far away enough, they all look human sized in front of background buildings (church) = humans are tinier than buildings

  • ○~~~^~~~~
  • _____=^=___
  • ........[.■.]....

. = people, next to building

  • anyone can hold up the tiny eye of a needle close enough to fit the moon in the distance ... it's just a matter of perspective
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