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Re: I have a question.

JackM wrote:

Blue Jam wrote:

Oh that's really clever. You're riffing on the phrase, "if you you have to ask, you can't afford it", the implication being that one might not have the wealth required. Only, you are implying that I might be to stupid to understand your point.

Well, lets put that to the test. Indulge me, and elucidate.

I’m not riffing on anything, that’s in your imagination.

As I said below, this is just my rebuttal to a number of recent pedantic articles and posts.

I see. Well, I don't think that taking a number of photo's from different places really does anything to contradict a single thing in those articles (I will guess at the ones you mean, since you haven't linked to them), especially with no narrative to help your case - whatever that might actually be.

As for the riffing, it's not my imagination, it's there in black and white. You literally said I wouldn't be able to understand. Which is ironic, as since we have teased out a little bit more of what your five word post meant, I think it proves that you are the one who doesn't understand the matter at hand. I might be wrong, but you've not given us much to go on.

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