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Re: I have a question.

Blue Jam wrote:

Oh that's really clever. You're riffing on the phrase, "if you you have to ask, you can't afford it", the implication being that one might not have the wealth required. Only, you are implying that I might be to stupid to understand your point.

Well, lets put that to the test. Indulge me, and elucidate.

You're probably not too stupid to understand. It's hard to figure out what OP is talking about, here. Compression? I expect had the OP used the term 'perspective,' you would have understood the point that he was trying to illustrate.

Changing the focal length of a lens doesn't affect the perspective of the picture. But, subject distance does. As the photographer moves away from the subject, adjusting the focal length to maintain foreground content at the same size, the ratio of the distance between foreground subjects and the background changes. The distance between the subject and the camera controls the size relationships between objects in the picture. The focal length of the lens controls the size of everything in the picture, but as a whole, not individually. Stay in the same spot, and change the focal length, and there is no change in perspective at all.

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