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Actually, GDPR affects almost EVERY site!

BobT3218 wrote:

Thanks! I understand your position. I wasn't being critical. This was just be way of suggestion that your readers may be interested in an article on this subject which "may" profoundly affect some of them.

Not just SOME readers...over the last few days I must have gotten over a dozen emails from websites I'm on as well as from companies who I bought products from whom I registered with the manufacturer. It isn't just Smugug, and it isn't just photography related sites!

Again ANY site, INCLUDING DPReview (if they haven't already), has had to update their privacy policy this week to comply with the GDPR law, if they have visitors who are in Europe.

There are sites out there that explains GDPR, so there doesn't need to be a special article just to explain SmugMug's GDPR privacy policy.

The whole idea of GDPR is to protect your privacy (even if you're not in Europe).

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