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Making a Photograph

A suggested concise guide for beginners who are up for using raw capture follows. Friendly comment and constructive critique welcome.

Making a Photograph

Three Stages before Clicking

  1. Read the Light. Read, and possibly adjust, scene luminance before exposure: In natural light—consider returning at different time of day or a different season, or in different weather, or moving subject to shade, also consider white balance effects (e.g., blue hour, golden hour, high noon); in artificial light—consider using reflectors and diffusers, flash or other artificial light sources.
  2. Set the Exposure. Set shutter speed and aperture, given your artistic choices for tonal range (mood), motion blur (none or some), and depth of field (shallow, intermediate, or deep). Under-exposure increases noise so expose to the right (ETTR) while avoiding unwanted highlight clipping.
  3. Set ISO last. Adjust ISO (lightness/brightening), after exposure is set; the risk in raising ISO is not noise but highlight clipping. Selected ISO is applied in camera AFTER the exposure is taken.

For bonus points: Visualize the Print. Always have in mind how you want the final print to look.

Note: Effective ETTR implies substantial use of and attention to raw development.

Settings for in-camera JPG: White balance, saturation, sharpness, contrast.

For a visual metaphor of exposure, refer to Apogee’s exposure teeter totter.

See gollywop’s articles about ISO/brightening and ETTR on

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