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ANY site that has users from Europe has done this!

BobT3218 wrote:

SmugMug have announced they have changed their privacy policy. It might be an idea for DPR to provide a rundown on what this actually means and the impact, if any, on us mug users.

Why? DPR doesn't own SmugMug!

Due to a law in Europe (called General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) that came into effect May 25th the majority of websites out there have had to update their privacy polices this week, even if the website itself wasn't hosted in Europe, as long as they had the potential of having visitors from Europe that site had to update their privacy policy.

If DPR had to provide a rundown for EVERY site that updated their site due to the GDPR law it would take months to read it all...not to mention DPR wouldn't have time to do anything else if they had to explain the privacy policy of every photo site!

It's up to YOU to read and understand a site's privacy statement...if you don't understand it you should consult a lawyer.

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