Just bought a Nikon D3400 - what settings should I begin with?

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Re: Just bought a Nikon D3400 - what settings should I begin with?

Cheaptoad wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

Cheaptoad wrote:

I'm just starting out after many years. Someone suggested to start use (A)uto and someone else suggested (P)rogram.

FYI... since no one has told you...

(A) is not auto... It is aperture-priority mode.

You need to set your own aperture for the rest to be automatic. That could have screwed you up.

The green "auto" is the "auto" setting.

I see that now. Most of the photos I just took are not as sharp as I would have liked. Not enough Depth of Field. Plus I used the camera's auto focus all day. I think I have to stop doing that.

..The camera's lens, can work similar to the human eyes..

..try this experiment..

..using one of your hand, hold the index finger in front of your face..

..now with both eyes, focus on the tip of your index finger..

..with the index finger in 'focus', what do you notice what happens to the background(?)..

..the answer is, the background becomes 'blurred'..


..after looking through the pictures you have posted on another site..

..had noticed the images were taken using various apertures, ranging from f/3.5 to f/9..

..for 'greater' depth of field, try experimenting taking pictures using f/11 to f/16..

..which means you may need to take pictures using Aperture Priority mode or Manual mode..


..another way to take pictures with a 'greater' depth of field..

..this is not a joke okay..

..is to maybe consider using m4/3 or 1" or 1/2.3" sensor cameras to take pictures, as these sensor cameras will produce images with a 'greater' depth of field..

..can even use a smart phone camera as well..


..cameras are just photographic 'tools'..

..each has their advantages, as well as disadvantages..

..just use the camera that will fit your 'needs'..


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