Battery Grips...How Many Use Them?

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Re: Is it me? Or are there...

Suntan wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

Suntan wrote:

So a device that is intended to make it easier for people with large hands is found to be used by people with large hands, yet you find it funny for it's sexual innuendo...

Yes... the funny part is the observation that a lot of photographers in this forum claim to have large hands (whether true or not). And of course it requires sexual innuendo.

Comics make a living this way.

Again, the device is intended to make it easier for people with large hands to hold the camera. It shouldn't be funny that most people responding to a question about who uses the device are people that claim to have large hands... should be expected. I never heard Seinfeld start a session with, "Have you ever noticed how a lot of the people sitting in the driver's seat of a car are car drivers?"

Further, to claim that "a lot of the photographers in this forum" are making this claim is rather obtuse thinking. Over 2.1 million posts in this forum, yet you claim "a lot" based on maybe 20 people responding to this post...?

I think the PRIMARY design goal of any vertical grip is to facilitate vertical shooting.

I shoot with the D850 and my wife uses a D90. Both of us find that the grips makes it FAR more comfortable to hold when shooting vertically. Her hands are small. I think her initial reaction to the grip was it was too large, but that faded after a bit of usage (more sexual stuff!).

With my wonderful Meike D850 grip I get a LOT of benefits...faster shooting, crazy long battery life, wireless remote. For the money it's a VERY useful option and too inexpensive to pass up. My MCoplus grip is also pretty good, but doesn't have the remote.

I don't think having small hands has much to do with it. The grip extends DOWN. If my wife holds the bigger D850 with Grip, the fit in her hands is the same as without grip. She's only contending with a small amount of added weight.


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