Nikon D850/System Wish List from a ex-Canon Wildlife Shooter

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Nikon D850/System Wish List from a ex-Canon Wildlife Shooter

I recently moved to Nikon (D850) from Canon. With Canon I used the 1DX2, 5DSR, and 5Dm4.

Main reason I switched was the promise of significantly better continuous AF tracking, as well as the great combination of great frame rate and high resolution.

This has bourn out well and I'm very happy with the move. I've gotten a noticeably better hit rate with fast moving birds, even compared with the 1DX2. And I'm very happy with the image quality. And, there's a number of other little things I love - like the fact the grip doesn't require you to take off the battery cover, and the short cut button combos for card formatting.

That said, there are several things that I miss dearly from Canon. Nikon I hope you are listening ! In approx order of importance to me, here are the top 3:

1) A lighter-weight 300 F2.8. The Canon version is significantly lighter than the Nikon version. A 300 F2.8 is my go to lens for BIF and hand-holdability is critical. Canon beats Nikon hands down here. I've tried the 300 PF, and it's a great lens,.. but it is not a 2.8.

2) The ability to instantly switch between settings optimized for "slow moving" and "fast moving" targets at the press of a single button. On the 1DX2, I could program a single button press to switch between a fast moving settings (eg. for birds in flight) and a slow moving settings (eg. birds on a perch). This was great, for example, for shooting birds on a perch at relatively low ISO, and shutter speed, with single point AF,.. then when the bird flies instantly switch to a pre-set higher ISO, shutter and group/zone AF with a single button press. I'm told this is also possible on the Sony A9. Haven't found a way to do this with the D850, but I found it very valuable on Canon. When you are looking for that perfect shot and under pressure,... simplest is best. Nothing is more simple than a single button press.

3) A 3rd setting on the focus limiter on their telephoto lenses for short range shooting. The 300/2.8 and 600/4 I have both have 2 settings: full range and long (say 'y' meters to infinity). Canon also has a 3rd setting for short shooting x-y meters. Very useful for subjects in that range when there are distant objects that might be mistaken for targets. Wish Nikon had this.  (Even better : the ability to custom program the focus limiting ranges !)

All, in all though, I'm very happy with the move to Nikon, and am here to stay. Just wish/hope Nikon would address the above.

If anyone has any comments on this - or maybe even ways of acheiving any of these that I didn't know about - that'd be great.

Canon EOS 5DS R Nikon D850 Sony a9
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