Should I send my D600 in for cleaning?

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Re: Should I send my D600 in for cleaning?

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^ why do you keep using things that aren't specifically marketed for cleaning a sensor with? Like make-up brushes, pure alcohol and pec pads? The Pec Pads even used to say "not safe on CCDs".

Are your cameras not worth enough to you to spend $2 per clean on bona fide stuff like ROR fluid and a microfibre swab every time?

The blush brushes (main thing is to use ones that are soft and do not have chemical additives, like some artists brushes) can be used right on/ near ladies eyes. Ladies eyes are far more delicate than a piece of glass (covering the sensor).

Nice to know! Do you charge them with static electricity like you would with one of the arctic brushes? Does that work? I have a compressor in the garage, so there's a source of compressed air

No. I just hold camera upside down and lightly dust the sensor. Note that this is after using the rocket blower, if there is still dust / debris on the sensor.

1st step = camera auto clean

if it does not work

2nd step = rocket blower

if it does not work

3rd step soft brush

if it does not work

4th step = wet clean

Alcohol = all depends on the evaporation time. ROR and Eclipse are basically the same thing, some kind of alcohol base.

I have 91% isopropyl I use from a dropper bottle to dry my ears out (distance swimmer, this works). You have to search for it; the drugstore stuff is 60-ish%. The 91 smells of alcohol,

I have eclipse, but I've never sniffed it (methyl alcohol is toxic) and don't use enough to get much of a whiff (two drops on a pad). I understand methyl alcohol smells like ethyl (booze).

I also have ROR. It evaporates just fine, but doesn't smell of alcohol. I use it for lens elements, live view panels, and eyeglasses. Never tried it on a sensor.

Eclipse should be the best. I live outside USA, so would have to buy it periodically. But it does last.

But yes, one of the things turning me off Eclipse is that it may be methanol, as you say, toxic.

The trick is to use only a little on the swabs and not drench the pads causing streaks.

The point is to ensure that the evaporation / wiping does not leave streaks.

Have been using pec pads for a while, since I first had my D300, which I gave away three years ago. Sensor was fine.

Ditto, but a D7000. Nephew is still happy with it - and I expect it'll be my job when it needs cleaning :-).

PS - Or maybe I am just nuts!

But always the caveat, do at one's own risk. I do it because I live outside USA and have no choice but to clean my own sensor. But even then, I would find it hard to spend $50 to let someone else do what I can.

If you're in the US, have a D600, and can spare it for about 10 days, Nikon USA will do it for free. Fallout from their stonewalling on shutter lubricant spatter - now they warrant the shutter mechanism regardless of the age of the camera - and clean for free. One of the reasons I picked a D600. It's not that I can't wear out a shutter, but Nikon has said "well, try!" Doing my best.

Yeah, I get you're outside the US. I sort of remember that the warranty extension was all of Nikon, not just the US part. Wrong?

Not sure. I have a D610, not D600, so I am not in the warranty.   And where I am there are no Nikon (or any) camera services centres.

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Wishing You Good Light.

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