Just bought a Nikon D3400 - what settings should I begin with?

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Re: Just bought a Nikon D3400 - what settings should I begin with?

Cheaptoad wrote:

I'm just starting out after many years. Someone suggested to start use (A)uto and someone else suggested (P)rogram.

I would use the scene modes and play close attention to what the camera is doing in a scene.

If you use full Auto mode the camera will take a best guess and what you're trying to do, by matching the scene to its internal database of presets. Often it will guess wrong. If you pick a scene mode, say Sports or Landscape, it gives the camera a pretty good hint at what you want to do.

Then you can glance at the settings and see what the camera is doing, and in the future you can duplicate that sort of thing yourself. For example switching from Sports to Landscape you might notice the aperture go from wide-open f/3.5 to f/11. There's a reason!


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