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Talk me out of this!

So I’ve been Jonesing for the Sony A7R III. I think I’ve read every review (twice), watched hours of video, researched home equity loans, etc. I really love the innovation Sony is pushing in the market, and even the Sony haters are forced to admit that Sony is pushing the market right now.

What I really like:

Eye auto focus is quite impressive, and I’ve seen it scoffed at here, with dismissive remarks about how xxx brand will have that too. Sure, but they don’t.

42 MP will allow me to crop my photos and still retain high quality.


Face recognition and prioritization. It will recognize MY kids and prioritize them based on my preference. So if it is Ella’s birthday I can tell the camera and it’ll focus on Ella every time she’s in the frame.

Dynamic rage. 14.8 stops of it! I take a lot of pictures of my urchins running around outside and they seldom stay on the north side of buildings in the shade. I often have to deal with very harsh direct sunlight and half shadows, etc. While this may lend to an artistic flare, it’s not the most flattering to send to Grandma in Connecticut.

High ISO performance. I take a lot of pictures indoors, and my kids’ spontaneity doesn’t allways allow for studio lighting to be setup.

I can switch to crop mode and have 18 MP photos whenever I don’t want 80 Mb files clogging up Lightroom. I’d still have close to my current MP count and I’d have all sorts of benefits from the better sensor.

Adapters (yuck) will allow me to use my current lenses and retain full functionality.

What I have:

Canon 80D

Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 Art

Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 Art

Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L MK II

Canon 1.4x extender.

What I take pictures of:

Mostly, kids. I’d say 90% of my photos are my kids. Whether it’s the 7 year old playing baseball, the 5 year old dancing ballet or the 2 year old being cute. Christmas is usually inside, and my kids come inside a lot. So I take many pictures indoors with available light.

I have also photographed an ultra marathon trail race, and wouldn’t mind trying other events as I learn more and get more equipment.

Church events - all.

I love photographing landscapes and I would really like to do some street photography. My kids currently limit how much time is available to do this, but they’ll grow up in the next 50 years or so I’m thinking so I’ll get time then. Can’t wait to go camping with my boy and take the camera.

I also captured some stunning photos of the solar eclipse, and I’m looking forward to April 8th, 2024.


So my current setup hasn’t really held me back. I realize the 80D can do more than I can. My Facebook photos are class-leading, even with noise reduction. That said, who doesn’t like cool stuff? Who doesn’t like better stuff?

I’ve looked at Canon’s high end cameras, the 5D, and it seems uninspired compared to the Sony. I realize fully that it would be a yuge upgrade over my 80D, don’t misunderstand me. It just seems like the Sony is a few years ahead of the Canon. Realize I’m a Canon guy saying that, I’m not bashing Canon in any way.

So practical me says, “Hey bonehead, you’ve already got $5,000 of Canon Glass, just buy a high end Canon and expand on your collection.”

The part of me that usually wins arguments with practical me says, “Boy that Sony is amazing, imagine the posibities.”

So has anyone else walked in my shoes? Anyone with insights?

P.S., the cowboys interested in insulting everyone with a differing opinion are welcome to click on the next link and post away. The Sony and Canon bashers can join them there. Let’s keep it civil and pretend that not everyone has the same experience and knowledge.

Canon EOS 80D Sony a7R III
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