Should I send my D600 in for cleaning?

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Re: Should I send my D600 in for cleaning?

My DIY camera chamber / sensor cleaning kit consists of:

Dry cleaning>

- rocket blower

- high quality (2) ladies blush brushes (ones that do not shred), with very soft non-shredding bristles, small enough to fit and provide maneuverability in small chamber, but enough 'soft' bristle length to keep metal away from sensor. One larger for overall sensor and one smaller for corners and edges.

Wet cleaning>

- pec pads (like $5 a pack of 100)

- eclipse fluid (will be trying 99% isopropyl at some point)

- sensor swab (the little plastic spatula over which the pec pad is covered)

- (in lieu of plastic sensor swab, because I think these little pieces of plastic are WAY overpriced) -artists brush, good quality, (small enough to fit comfortably in camera chamber) flat for sensor swabbing and medium firm bristle (not too hard but not too soft), over which to place the pec pads and fix on handle using rubber bands. Handle cut to useable length. I have not used this one yet, will update when I do. I am thinking that if one can run a plastic swab with pec pad covering over a sensor, a brush with pec pad covering should be fine, no harder at least.

There are plenty of good sites to see how to clean the sensor area, whether dry or wet clean.

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Wishing You Good Light.

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