Sony A7SII or A7RII Lenses advice needed from professionals

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Re: Sony A7SII or A7RII Lenses advice needed from professionals

Maybe a few notes from someone who just toyed around with video so far.

Firstly, most photographers don't know about it, but there is a 28-135/4 video lens available for the FE mount. That thing is pretty heavy, but geared towards video; some of these video specific features have been mentioned elsewhere already. It is also not exactly cheap. In return it comes with OSS, which works decently well as I've tried that on an A7s which has no IBIS built in.

The other thing to note: If you use FF sized readout, you want to have at least f/4 for video unless you are ok with having super-thin DoF. With Super35 it is maybe less critical; it also depends on how fast things are moving, if you use AF or focus manually etc.

And one last thing: You will never be able to get the reach of the old equip, as you'd need expensive tele lenses for that. With Super35 and 200mm you may reach around 300mm equivalent focal length; in return the stages where you need more usually have more light available, too, i.e. you can use equipment which is not that light sensitive and still get something usable in the end.

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