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Re: the ZR5100

Aha! I was wondering how the heck you got f/16.3 in your sample shot as I only ever see f/6.4 - then I realised, that using Aperture Priority mode I see f/16.3 and elsewhere I get f/6.4 at the tele end of the optical zoom.

Using A mode on a compact camera is a waste of time, there's no apertures to control usually only an ND filter gets inserted. The cameras basically run in diffraction limited mode most of the time, so no help at all to fiddle with the aperture even if it were to be a true aperture control.

With the 1/1.7" sensor diffraction starts to diminish detail effectively from about f/5.6 or maybe f/4 so the f/6.4 at 95mm equivalent is definitely starting the downhill slide in resolution due to diffraction, no matter how good the lens may be.

Regards...... Guy

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