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sluggy_warrior wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

I don't understand - do you not lock focus and exposure on purpose? Just curious.

I lock only the exposure most of the time, not focus, because the scenes usually involve close objects and far background at different angles.

But sometimes I intentionally not locking exposure neither if the scene has one side too bright and one side too dark (e.g. standing at the door with outside direct sun and indoor dark room)

Enfuse and enblend (integrated in Hugin) can auto-adjust the exposure of the shots to match each other and blend the seams well. But I usually adjust the brightness and DR fusion of the RAW in Darktable to get more shadow/details before exporting into Hugin.

Here's an quick demo that I took of my office, didn't lock anything in between shots, so that the bright outside trees are not clipped, while the dark room doesn't get too noisy.

from JPGs of different exposures/focuses

I threw the SOOC JPGS here:

In this case, Hugin automatically pumped the left images up to match, thus clipping the window. With the RAW files, I can use Darktable to fuse the bright window to preserve both the tree outside and details inside before feeding them to Hugin (currently at work, can't do much).

Sorry, did I answer your question at all? might have misunderstood what you're asking.

Thanks, you did.  Not to lock focus and exposure in my experience suggests there could be more post-work follow up than necessary (even with the best stitching apps).    But there are reasons to practice outside of the norms (more so when very experienced in these practices).

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