Changing to mirrorless?

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Re: Changing to mirrorless?

HeyItsJoel wrote:

mfinley wrote:

HeyItsJoel wrote:

Olympus on the other hand, have the ideal body, weight and size in terms of overall package, but you're stuck with a micro 4:3 sensor.

What are your imaging requirements that you are eliminating m43? Saying they have the ideal package means that out of 1000, they have 999 things right for you and you are stopped by 1. Are you making large format prints?

When I had my E-M5 I wasn't happy with the noise I was getting in the shadows even at 400 ISO. And that camera inexplicably froze several times in the middle of a shoot. So I left Olympus. Plus, FF has that certain look to it I can't explain.

And yes, I print at 12x18" size and occasionally at 20x30" if I really like the image.

Between full frame and M43 is Sony A6000 series. A fraction of the weight and size of the biggest M43 models, vastly better shadow detail - and the same batteries as all but the newest Sony FF.

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