Sticking to APS-C & Fuji (X-H1/X-T2) vs. Full Frame (Sony A7iii)

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Sticking to APS-C & Fuji (X-H1/X-T2) vs. Full Frame (Sony A7iii)

Hello All,

I posted a question awhile ago about possibly switching to the Sony A7III from my X-H1 and X-T2 set-up and thought I'd give a quick rundown as to why I'm choosing to stick it out with Fuji. I'm hoping that in some way, this will help many others out there too.

I know this is the Fuji forum but I would like to take a moment to give a bit of praise to Sony. They really pulled it of with the new A7Riii and A7iii cameras. They are quite spectacular in terms of IQ and nice glass. I had an opportunity to test out the A7iii for quite awhile with various lenses I was looking at like the 55mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 and even the 24-70mm F4. The camera is fast, quick to lock AF, and it just performs very, very well. The menu system definitely isn't as nicely laid out as Fuji but I didn't think it was THAT bad at all. Especially once to go through and set your customized buttons and menus however you like.

However...I just kept thinking about a few things that Fuji really has going for themselves. First off, I had to remind myself that all camera companies are innovative. As soon as one company develops a new technology, the others usually follow suit. I applied this logic to Sony's use of Eye-AF and their new battery. Both are EXCELLENT and even though Fuji doesn't have them yet, I strongly believe they will have them in short order in the future. Same thing goes for the battery. Fuji might not be up there yet, but I'd wager they are already looking into longer life batteries. It's only a matter of time.

Next thing I'd like to point out are he Fuji bodies themselves. There's nothing else like them. They are beautifully designed and machined. The way they sit in the hand, the dials, the custom buttons...nothing can top the feeling of having that perfect Fuji body in your hand, even a full frame. And thanks to Kaizen, Fuji bodies always keep getting better whereas with Sony, you have to buy the new camera to get the new features. Fuji takes care of their customers very well and that's something that's rare these days in any sales industry.

But, what ultimately led to me sticking with Fuji were the lenses. The more I looked at Full Frame lenses, the more I realized how big, heavy, and COSTLY they are. I know everyone says it, but until you start looking at what lenses you'd actually like to just even start with, you realize it adds up QUICK! I have most of the Fuji lenses and to get their equivalents in Sony Full Frame is quite ridiculous. Any lens worth having in Full Frame is easily over the $1,000 mark and even buying used doesn't save more than a couple hundred dollars. Whereas Fuji lenses, used, I can often get for around $550 - $800, depending on the lens of course. But the Fuji lenses also just have this incredible quality and feel to them. They are sturdy, robust, and well built. And you can feel that when you hold them. None of the Sony lenses I handled gave me that same feeling.  Add on the fact that most Fuji lenses have the aperture ring on the lens and it about seals the deal for lenses.

I gave a long hard look at Sony Full Frame. There's a lot to appreciate and enjoy there. But the Fuji's just have an unmatched quality and feel to them in both the bodies and the lenses. The way I figure, there's nothing wrong with what I already have. In fact, I LOVE my Fuji gear. I feel that I, like a lot of others right now, are being drawn to the A7III in particular for what it has to offer that's new. The Eye-AF, long battery, etc. But again, I don't think Fuji will take these upgrades lying down and I believe they will implement their own improvements in due time. Therefor, I'm sticking with Fuji. And that's just my two cents!

In the meantime, I did have to appease the G.A.S. attack I was having so instead of buying a Full Frame Sony Camera, I ended up purchasing a used Fuji 16mm F1.4 and Square Lens Hood. I'm so far, REALLY impressed with this lens and I'm VERY happy I picked up this amazing lens!

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