Should I send my D600 in for cleaning?

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Re: Should I send my D600 in for cleaning?

UGPRO wrote:

For me, the last year it took exactly 10 days for the camera out & in to the home.

I heard similar timelines even very recent.

Similar with me. I used the UPS receipt tag number to track from my dropoff at UPS to Nikon. 3 days shipping. 10 days after their receipt, camera was in my hands. Sadly, they did not install a new shutter (150K+ on this camera) or send me a 610. But the sensor, and the rest of the camera, was like-new clean.

Lubricant spots are larger than dust and sort of translucent. I clean sensors all the time, but wasn't sure how it would go with lubricant.

BTW, looking at that shot - the spot does not look like lubricant. Have you tried a blower-bulb?

I've noticed that I can go all winter without a spot, but if I leave the camera in a hot car I get them that day. (Maine summer hot not AZ or FL).

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