DxO PhotoLab "Prime" not as good as the old DxO OpticsPro 11.4 ??

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Re: DxO PhotoLab "Prime" not as good as the old DxO OpticsPro 11.4 ??

poppyjk wrote:

It seems to me that your PhotoLab samples are marred by sharpening artifacts.

In PhotoLab "The Lens Sharpness feature has been redesigned. RAW images now include a significantly greater level of detail when shot with medium and higher sensitivity values without overly increasing noise."

If your preset includes both Lens Sharpness and USM sharpening, that may be the culprit. I have found that to my own taste in OP11 I used to use Lens Sharpness -0.5 and USM at 80-100 with a 0.5 radius. In PhotoLab using Lens Sharpness at 0.0 with USM off provides far superior sharpening results. If I try adding USM, I immediately see sharpening artifacts. The higher the amount or radius the worse the artifacts.

Thank you for your reply.

USM sharpening is off (disable) in both images.
I think you are correct, the Lens correction in the new PhotoLab seem sharpening the image a bit.

While DxO makes no claim that they altered PRIME NR, they have added a slider for "mazing". Mazing is the phenomenon in rendering algorithms that attempts to connect points of sharpness in the photo even though they may not really exist, resulting in a pattern of 'channels or blocks' similar to a maze. Some of this pattern seems to be present in your 200% photo in the transition from dark to light and in the upper right hand portion of the light colored PhotoLab example.

Currently the Maze slider is set to 0 because I am still using the old preset file.

I suspect that some other minor changes were made to the PRIME NR tool.

I suggest that you try some alternate settings for sharpening considering the significant Lens Sharpness changes in PhotoLab.

I just tried to turn off "Lens Sharpness" in PhotoLab.
It seem the output is much closer to the OP 11.
I also tried set Global to -3, Detail to 0 and Bokeh to 100 in Photolab, but turn off lens sharpness completely produce less grains in the background.

Left: PhotoLab Lens Sharpness (On (default))Middle: PhotoLab Lens Sharpness (Off) Right: OpticsPro V11.4 Lens Softness (On (default))

Try PRIME NR in PhotoLab with the default settings. This will include Maze @30. I no longer have OP11 installed so am not sure if the other default setting have changed in amount. Their actual function may have changed some, but I do not know.

Thanks for you advice, I will try Maze 30 in my next export.

My experience with PhotoLab is that it is superior in every way to OP11 including PRIME NR.

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