A7iii vs A7Riii choice. Focus differences.

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A7iii vs A7Riii choice. Focus differences.


I currently have Nikon D750. I want to try A7iii or A7Riii as a replacement for it. I played few minutes with both. Size is ok, especially with grip extender. I have also a6000 so I got oriented in otherwise messy menu quick.

With change I would get accurate AF for non moving subjects (I'm too annoyed with AF tuning or using LV on Nikon), AF points outside of center, IBIS, electonic shutter, 1/8000s mechanical. Possibly same AF responsiveness for moving subjects.

There will be a Sony event in one of the shops in my city (Prague, Czech rep.) where lenses could be obtained with 20% discount (so they will about match eBay prices, but with better warranty and less risk). For bodies there will be extended 5year warranty (nice) and Sony-M 64GB sd card, I don't care much for (nice, but I will probably want to have faster one Sony-G and bigger), but no discount.

My options are (prices in thousands CZK):
A7iii from eBay no warranty: 52
A7iii with 5 year warranty: 60
A7Riii from eBay no warranty: 70
A7Riii with 5 year warranty: 96

A7iii from eBay is not worth it, but A7Riii is. I would not consider A7Riii at local price. A7Riii has charger included (I want to get it anyway) while A7iii does not so price difference is not big.

I'm still undecided. If A7iii would have high resolution EVF, I would buy it right away. If A7Riii would have same AF system as newer A7iii, I would buy it right away. I can see advantage of higher resolution for cropping, but otherwise I don't need more than 24MP most of the time. When I compare samples from imaging-resource.com or dpreview I prefer A7Riii even at higher ISOs.

Do you have both? I'm aware of difference in specification, but wonder how does AF system compare in practice? I will be using Sony lenses and Sigma primes (when mount conversion will be available for my Nikon mount 24 and 135). I shoot a bit landscapes - those are ok, but let's say events, rarely wedding, often running children. Indoors I almost always shoot with bounced flash, outdoors I now have Godox strobes for portraits (I have used them with a6000 too with xpro-s trigger).

I have seen this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4BzCQm4S90
where both work about same.
Is there a difference in low light? Is there a difference at small apertures? Is there a difference in 6+ fps continuous focus?

Nikon D750 Sony a6000
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