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Enders Shadow wrote:

CaliforniaDave wrote:

I would never bother to back up one SD card to another when shooting around home, but when doing adventure travel overseas, when I don't want to bring a laptop or other device to make backups while doing long treks or backpacking, being able to backup cards in the camera could be useful.

When backpacking, I don't bring anything to backup memory cards. The small compacts I bring will never have dual slots. I no longer can cope with a heavy pack on multi-day hikes. Every ounce matters. My only safeguard for the cards is a ruggedized case.

I'm in my 60s. When my wife and I backpacked the John Muir Trail in 2014 and the High Sierra Trail in 2015, I took along a 1/2.3" long zoom compact camera each time (the ZS50 for the JMT and the HX90V for the HST), along with extra cards and batteries, but no backup of any type and no external power source. 40+ years ago I'd carry and SLR with several lenses and several rolls of slide film, but like you, every ounce counts. We even bought a custom carbon fiber and aluminum bear canister for our food

I travel light on international trips. No laptop or tablet. If I want to view/edit files, it's done in the camera or on my phone. I use a Western Digital My Passport Pro to backup my memory cards. It weighs about a pound, has 3TB capacity and can do automatic incremental backups. I try to bring enough memory cards to avoid reusing any. So far the backup drive has worked perfectly. I can't see duplicate cards being that practical.

I'll generally take an iPad on international trips on which I've stored maps of the area, guidebooks, various pdf manuals and other reading materials, as well as video and movies to watch on the plane. I sometimes transfer photos and video from the camera to the iPad, but i don't edit them on the iPad, even though it is perfectly capable of doing so. I mainly transfer images to review them and share with others.

On domestic road trips, I bring a huge kit. But my laptop only has a 500GB SSD. Just the video from the dashcam, GoPro and drone can fill that drive on a typical trip. Again, the My Passport is used to backup the original files and any edits.

Which cameras have you owned that operate at USB 3 speeds through a micro-B connector? Of course you can connect a micro-B connector on a camera to a USB 3 compatible port on a computer, but it will be limited to USB 2 speed if the camera is limited to USB 2 speed.

To be more precise, a USB 3.0 Micro-B connector. My 3+ year old 7D Mark ii offers USB 3.0 (5Gb/sec) as does my 5D Mk iv, and D500. The E-M1 Mk ii and Hero 6 have type C connectors. I rarely backup directly from the camera. At the end of the day, I pull the memory cards and use a card reader.

I figured that there must be some cameras with USB 3 over micro-B, but none of the Sonys or Panasonics that I have used had that. Like you, after a trip I pull the SDXC UHS-II card from the camera and read them using a high speed USB 3 UHS-II reader.

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