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Re: Need advice on new lenses

Grace1208 wrote:

THANK you guys so much!

It's really easy to get lost with all the lenses out there (don't know how DSLR people do it) and it's great to have you here for guidance

regarding the 10-24 or 18-135 - I think they will too big/bulky for my xt20.. even the 18-55 sometime felt too much for me, that's one of the reasons why I find the 27mm so appealing.

50mm vs 60mm - spontaneous shots are very important to me, is it really hard to get with the 60mm? My main concern with the 50mm is that it won't be narrow enough for me, the 55 end of my 18-55 often felt too far away. I wish they had a normal 80mm lens (that doesn't cost 1200$!)

For now I think I will buy the wide (14mm) and and the zoom (still debating, deednets made me rethink the 60 and maybe opt for the 50). and maybe just skip the middle range and just crop the 14mm shots. at least for now.

Thanks again!

deednets is just a scree name .. long story, boring enough content.

One of the things to consider regarding the 50 vs the 60 is the way the lens performs in low light. An example? I used the 60mm in the studio where you typically use modelling lights from the strobes. That is imo comparable to a reasonably well lit restaurant or Europe after 6pm in May

And that is where the hunting started. Regularly. It seems the 60's mechanism exaggerates the slowness when light as such is in short supply.

Having said that, the 60 is optically a fantastic lens!

But the 50 simply focuses faster, has a 9-blade aperture and is weather resistant.

Whatever you do I wish you good luck!


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