How to properly adjust your Sigma/Tamron Lenses with the USB Dock/Tap In Console

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How to properly adjust your Sigma/Tamron Lenses with the USB Dock/Tap In Console

Hi everyone,

I read a lot on different forums about how to properly proceed to get a perfect result with each manufacturers lens/dock/console.

I want to share with you my findings and info that I got from the manufacturers technical department.

Misfocus is in the very most cases only an issue of software and not hardware. In other words, if you buy thrid party lenses, you will most likely NOT get a 100% perfect AF through all focal lenghtes and distances. Dont let yourself get fooled by people telling you else. Most (if not all) people thinking they have a perfectly focussing lens from Sigma/Tamron right out of the box just did not properly test them so far on sharpness on the whole focal/distance range. Normally you will get improvements for ALL G2 or Global Vision lenses by doing the Dock/Console procedure. In mny cases better than what you get from Sigma/Tamron themselves!

First I want to correct the often made statement, that the values you get from your Nikon/Canon Camera internal AF Fine tune entry have to be doubled when you enter them into the USB Dock.

According to the manufacturers, there is simply no such kind of correlation between the Cameras/Lenses/Docks. In fact I found out, that there is absolutely NO logical ratio at all between those two values, zero. The ratios are completely different for each focal length/distance combination.

Instead you have to do it like 'try and error' which involves much more work.

But I can promise you, it is absolutely worth the time and effort.

So this is how you do it best:

Start with the lowest focal length and distance offered by your lenses USB Dock/console for the used lens. You have to make sure, that the distanceto your focus chart is 100% identical to the distance shown within the Dock/Console - really an absolute 100%!

Adjust as long as you find the best possible sharpness by comparing LV Focus with Phase AF. You need to do as much pixel peeping as you can to really make it 100% identicl to your LV testpicture. If done so, go over to the next focal length at the SAME distance as the first value.

Do that for all four focal lengthes. Or only one focal length of course in case of a prime, thats much easier. But I will focus on zooms here, whereas the basic procedure is the same for primes, too.

In some cases, you will need higher values than the Dock/Console offers. In these cases, you should additionally use the camera internal fine tune. Of course you have to adjust all other values also on base of this camera internal AF fine tune. And no, this would not at all mean that you have a very bad sample of the lens. This is also a widely stated wrong assumption. It just means that that the software of your camera and lens hve a certain tollerance and in this case happen to hit the opposite ends of that scale. However, in some cases of extreme + AND - values for your lens, you will not be able to adjust the lens yourself for perfect AF on all focal/distances. In these cases, you will have to send the lens together with your camera to Sigma/Tamron for adjustment. Again, more often than not, this is simply a software thing and NOT a hardware thing.

For example my Tamron 24-70 G2 f2.8 is perfectly centered and has zero optical flaws. However, I needed +9 within the D850, to be able to adjust perfectly for 70mm at 1m distance in the tap in console. But now the lens is extremely sharp at all focal lengthes and distances, it easily beats my 24-70 VR!

I managed to even perfect a lens that was sent to Sigma together with the Camera body for adjustment. The lens is now 100% perfect in focus. Its the 50-100 Art which is a great lens, even on FX at 100mm.

In total I perfected the following lenses by this procedure and that took me only one day of work for all of them together:

- Sigma 150-600 C

- Sigma 12-24 A F4

- Sigma 50-100 A F1.8

- Tamron 24-70 G2 F2.8

Good luck and much success for your AF tuning with the dock/console.

PS: I hope you understood everything correct, I am not a native english speaker.

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