Wireless tethering - Snapbridge is... not bad! with suggestion

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Wireless tethering - Snapbridge is... not bad! with suggestion

I have been searching for perfect wireless tethering solution for a long time. My latest answer is D5 + WT-5/WT-6 + shuttersnitch with a portable router. In this way, I can shoot photo and my client can review the image immediately, anywhere. I have tried many solutions, this is the most stable and usable one.

Until now, I just got D850. Today I tried a session with Snapbridge on my 12.9' iPad pro. Not bad! It will work.

The Snapbridge used to crappy and hold me off tfrom buying D850 (other than video function...). As for today, May 2018, this app is quite good to use. There is saying that Nikon makes very bad software, which I totally agree, but now the Snapbridge seems better.

Here is how it work:

D850 uses bluetooth mode to auto sync the realtime photos - if you switch it on. The image will be sent to Snapbridge app (on my iPad here) automatically, with 2M resoultion. As you can see, the image is just less than 1MB. This makes perfect sense: ipad doesn't need super high resolution, and it is fast to transfer. On a 12.9-inch ipad, client can pick the one she likes.

For on-site realtime selection job, above function is enough. So I can say Snapbridge is not bad. The speed is all right, not super fast but usable. It is stable since the bluetooth pairing is easy.

When the camera is off, the low energy bluetooth still works. Quite amazing... of course you can switch it off.

HOWEVER, there is a major flaw: the image name sent to ipad will be changed! From whatever you set, to 'IMG_xxxx'. This is unbelievable, because after my client pick on on the ipad, I just can not find it in the camera, and rate it! I have to tag it because the full resolution is in the camera!

Okay, actually it is a flaw of the Snapbrdige. Just check Shuttersnitch or Capture One Pilot app, which allow you to rate on the iOS app! This is very important because I need to know which photo is selected! Snapbridge can not rate it, fine, but changnig the file name is just ridiculous.

How about full resolution image transferring? If you choose 'download' image from the camera from Snapbridge, the Wifi will be activiated, and you will see thumbnails of photos in the camera, and select then download. Snapbridge is not doing well in this aspect. For occational hobby use, it is all right but definitely not for pro use. WT-7 is heavily over-priced, so Airnef is the only solution to allow D850 'send' images 'in realtime' to a PC/MAC computer. This is another topic so I am not going to elaborate.

Anyway I hope this could help others, and clarify the Snapbridge in May 2018.

Nikon D5 Nikon D850
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