Changing to mirrorless?

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Re: I made the change - twice

Mordi wrote:

I used to travel with a pair of Nikon D7000 bodies and a mess of zoom and prime lenses. I moved to a Sony NEX-6, 2 zooms and 2 primes - all tiny - and it transformed my travel. Everything fit in a tiny Domke F-5XB shoulder-waist bag.

Today I shoot with the latest full-frame Sony A7III and four primes - and it all fits in the same bag as my NEX-6!

A full-frame Sony simply blows away smaller-sensor alternatives:

You don’t need to sacrifice with the A7III

There's no doubt about the image quality differences.  I think the OP is aware of that. But you do sacrifice: to fit everything into your Domke, you're using primes, with 135mm being your longest lens.  If you're fine with that and you need the full image quality features of the Sony, then it's a great system.

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