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Re: Need advice on new lenses

Grace1208 wrote:

Hi everyone,

first time poster long time lurker here.

about 8 months ago I bought an xt20 with the 18-55 lens. It was my first camera as I'm just now getting into the world of photography.

I loved it and loved the lens. However, I noticed most of my pictures (80%-ish) are either at the wide end or the zoom end of the lens. I wanted/needed to buy a wider angle lens for my traveling, and maybe a lens with longer FL, buy didn't want to spend so much money.

Anyway, long story short, my camera+lens were stolen last week while I was in europe. Really really tragic, but as I'd like to think of myself as an optimist - I take this as an opportunity to get the right equipment for me. I'm 99% sure I'll buy the xt20 again since it was perfect for me, and as for the lens, well this is where you come in:

I really did love the 18-55, however felt I need to go wider. plus I didn't get the best portraits with it, but that might be due to my lack of skill/experience.

I was thinking of going with 3 primes - 14 for landscape, 27 for everyday/city/street and 60 for portraits/macro. another possibility is to get the new xc 15-45 and maybe the 60 as well. and of course I could always get the 18-55 and just add the 14.

I like the idea of primes and that you have to work with your legs, but I'm not the best photographer as I'm really just starting to learn the field, so maybe I should just stick with the zoom?

Would love to hear your recommendations!


On a recent trek, I found myself using the 18-135mm lens almost exclusively. While there were times when I wanted to go a bit wider, I did not want to change lenses in the environment I was in (rainy), so the 18-135mm lens stayed welded to my camera body. This is certainly one versatile lens. Looking at images from the trip, I got wide vistas, portraits, candid shots and other landscapey shots, all with this lens, that look good even at 100%. I usually print up to 18” at the long end, with some print sizes being 24” at the long end, and I find no issues with prints of images with this lens. So like another poster here, I can also vouch for the 18-135mm lens’ image quality.

For indoors / low-light, you may want you throw in a 23mm f2, like some other folks have suggested. I used this lens extensively for a recent project where I shot almost entirely indoors. On an X-T20, you can get great quality images even as high as ISO 6400, so you are covered for moderate low-light situations with this lens.

Wider than 18mm - I own the 10-24mm zoom, and no UW primes, so cannot help much here.

The 18-55mm lens is an excellent lightweight everyday lens, so I would keep this lens as well.

Good luck with your choice, and good to see that you are looking beyond the unfortunate loss of your previous camera gear.


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