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Thom Hodan :Is m4/3 Still a Viable Choice?

Thom does not think of m4/3 being much better than Cell Phones and believes it is going to be pushed even more into the niche it currently is.

Some quotes:
"Here's the thing: smartphones will just keep nibbling upwards in terms of knocking off dedicated cameras"

"At this point, I'd say we're getting smartphones near the level of image quality that the 2/3" compacts were able to produce ... "

"m4/3 is one stop above that 1" sensor camera. Living with m4/3 is a bit like seeing the storm on the horizon headed your way, and wondering if someone is going to come improve your house somehow so that the storm never gets there (or at least so that you can weather the storm). "

" Another problem is that both Olympus and Panasonic really want to go upscale. We now have US$2000+ m4/3 cameras, and lenses that easily break into the four-figure mark, too. So another level of insecurity is that you might be pouring lots of money into your m4/3 system only to see it overrun by the smart crowd."

"But would I be buying into the lower end of m4/3 these days like I did back starting in 2009... ? No. The Fujifilm X-A5 has a bigger, better sensor, and some excellent small lenses at a very affordable price: I'd buy there for a compact-like camera. Or maybe a Canon EOS M or Sony A6xxx."

"Unfortunately, that presents another problem. With Sony putting the A7m3 at the US$2000 mark, m4/3 is finding itself in exactly the position I cautioned about back in 2010."

And he concludes:
"more and more, I'm considering my m4/3 usage really more niche than mainstream. "

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