Need advice on new lenses

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Re: Need advice on new lenses

slimandy wrote:

If you are happy to change lenses regularly I think you have picked out an excellent combination. I have all three and happily recommend them.

However, I also have the 18~55 because there are times I don't want to swap lenses, e.g. family holidays or events (for the former my family would get bored, and the latter I don't want to miss anything).

I agree, don't want to lug around extra lens, or busy swapping lenses while being with my family, the camera should never be in the way of enjoyment.

I have the X-T20 and 18-55 for 8 months, very happy with the size and IQ of the 18-55. However, for my next trip, I compromised a bit and just got myself the 18-135 as the single travel lens. While it's not great at 135, the wide end is very decent.

18mm is not wide enough for me, but even fish-eye is not wide enough, so I usually just put my thumb at the nodal point, snap - rotate, then throw them into Huginlater for painless panoramas. That beats a wide-angle lens hand-down

See lots of panos on my stream:

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